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Fight Cancer With The Mushroom of Immortality





Reishi Mushroom, or as the Chinese refer to it as "The Mushroom of Immortality," grows all over the woods of North America and has an abundance of health benefits including increases in liver function, brain function, quality of sleep, and is also used for cancer therapy. Reishi is a plant that can help consumers cope with anxiety and stress. It is proven to assist those with inflammatory issues and is used as an immunomodulator. This is something that acts as an immune stimulator for the production for immune cells if your body needs more. Reishi can also decrease the production of immune cells if thats what your body is telling you, thus classifying it as a modulator. For example, if one has an auto immune disease, like celiac disease, or rheumatoid arthritis, they would use Reishi to reduce the production of white blood cells, which often attack the bodies tissues. The Reishi fits the role of sending the signal to your body to regulate the cells in order to fit your immune systems needs. Another main benefit of Reishi Mushroom is its role as a Neuroprotective. Reishi has cognitive enhancement properties and improves Brain Derived Neurotrophic Factors and Nerve Growth Factors. These are sort of like fertilizer for the brain and they help to improve memory and neurological connections. 


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Cancer Therapy


Someone who has battled cancer and experienced chemotherapy or the toxic drugs associated with it needs to pay attention to Reishi, due to its immune system boosting qualities. The bio defense and bio shield departments of the USA did studies on Reishi mushrooms for swine flu, bird flu, and other really intense viruses, and at 1 to 100 dilution, it was showing incredible virus killing abilities, thus explaining why it is utilized for cancer patients. Reishi will simply boost your immune system, and halt or remove tumors or cell growth of cancerous cells. The mushroom of immortality activates cytotoxic receptors, suppresses vascular endothelial growth factors, increases plasma antioxidant capacity, converts excess testosterone to dihydrotestosterone, and enhances immune response. These are the specific capabilities of how it assists those patients with cancer. Below is a video of a cancer survivor who used Reishi.


List of Other Benefits


Dozens of studies have been conducted in China, Japan, U.S. and the U.K. that have shown that Reishi mushrooms are capable of so much it's tough to believe. Reishi offers protection against diseases such as inflammation, fatigue, infections, liver disease, allergies, digestive problems, stomach ulcers, tumor growth, cancer cells, skin disorders, auto immune disorders, auto immune disorders, diabetes, the flu, HIV/AIDS, hepatitis, heart disease, hypertension, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, sleep disorders, and insomnia. This powerful mushroom has these capabilities because of its immune modulator properties, giving it the ability to restore hormonal balance and regulate activity of the immune system. Reishi Mushroom does wonders. Call for more information!


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