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Karen Phytoplankton Capsules for Migraines

Karen® Phytoplankton for Migraines is specifically formulated to provide high-quality vital herbal extracts and essential nutrients in a base of Gaditae & TetraSOD Phytoplankton. These phytoplankton work in a concerted effort to prevent and treat the debilitating symptoms associated with Migraine headaches. This unique formulation provides a professional grade standardized extract of Feverfew to ensure optimal levels of the active component parthenolide. Feverfew (Tanacetum Parthenium) is a sunflower family member and grows throughout Europe and the United States. Traditionally used to treat fevers, this herb shows strong potentials to treat and prevent Migraine headaches. Studies show that it significantly reduces the number and severity of Migraine attacks including the degree of vomiting episodes. They suggest that this botanical works for Migraines by reducing blood vessel dilation, inflammation, and improving blood vessel tone.

Another critical nutrient for Migraines is CoEnzyme Q10. CoEnzyme Q10 is needed for the body for proper mitochondrial functions to support cellular energy production of ATP. Although synthesized within the body, aging and select disease states such as cardiovascular disease may deplete this nutrient. To fight these diseases requires increasing the maount of Q10 through food or supplements.

Recent clinical trials have shown that CoEnzyme Q10 also helps with Migraine headaches. A recent clinical trial with 32 adult Migraine sufferers showed a 13% reduction in Migraine frequency after just one month of taking CoEnzyme Q10. This reduction improved to 55%  after three months of supplementation. The authors of the study suggest that CoEnzyme Q10 is a valuable supplement for Migraine prevention warranting more clinical studies. Consequently, the Karen® Phytoplankton for Migraine formula includes significant amounts of this antioxidant energy nutrient to compliment the effects of Feverfew.

Similarly, Riboflavin, another well known B vitamin responsible for cellular energy production, has been used extensively by natural health practitioners to treat migraine headaches. The theory is that migraine headaches develop due to reduced energy production within the cells of the blood vessels in the head. Riboflavin may help to increase or correct energy production in these blood vessel cells. Indeed clinical trials have shown excellent results. Riboflavin supplementation was shown to reduce attack frequency and duration by at least 50% compared with a placebo. This very safe essential B vitamin is now commonly recommended by practitioners for the prevention and treatment of Migraines. Karen Phytoplankton for Migraines has included a therapeutic dose of this nutrient for optimal preventative effects.

The cocktail blend for Migraine prevention is in a base of Karen Phytoplankton, which also has strong anecdotal evidence indicating it can eliminate migraines while adding extra whole food nutrition support rich in a plethora of antioxidant nutrients, omega 3 fatty acids, and plant protein. Collectively this cocktail blend works to nourish, prevent and reduce symptoms associated with Migraine Headaches, without the side effects commonly associated with conventional medications.

To use Karen Phytoplankton Capsules take 1 capsule/day with 30 capsules per bottle lasting for approximately 1 month. This phytoplankton dosage consists of 200 mg of Feverfew, 170mg of Gaditae Phytoplankton, 100mg of CoEnzyme Q10, and 25mg of Riboflavin contained in 100% vegetarian capsules.

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