About 8 years ago, I sat down and decided to develop a revolutionary nutrient that would help my customers' well being and differentiate us from the competition. I had been in the natural product industry for over 12 years as a retailer and at that point had learned so much about vitamins, herbs and supplements. I was ready to manufacture my own Wellness Formula. I could have easily chosen a pill product, but after looking at the research and the nifty things I could do with a quality liquid nutrient, I quickly realized it would have to be in a liquid form. "Elixir" sounds so much more interesting then "pill" anyway, doesn't it?
We took our time to get it right. We searched high and low to find the best quality nutrients and a trusted manufacturing facility that would yield a beautiful and palatable blend of natural substances. What we developed with the goal of improving the health and quality of life of the end users has worked perfectly. 

Over 100 ingredients were  synergistic ally  blended  into a wellness drink that has been touted as "a miracle product" by our consumers.  We have had hundreds of testimonials about renewed and restored energy, a feeling of wellness that overcomes them as they sip just one fluid ounce of the juice we call Ultra Liquid Multivitamin.
This product is a far cry from the mass market multivitamin pills that consumers take on a daily basis. Most of these multivitamins come in pill form and have over 30 excipients and binders that not only cheapen the product, but  are absolutely useless to the body and, in fact, may be detrimental to the consumers' health. 

A powerful blend of B-complexes, Amino Acids, Antioxidants, Sea Vegetables, Super Fruit Juices (to name just a few) in a perfectly measured amount of Reverse Osmosis Pure Water and natural flavorings, make it a great-tasting nutrient treat. Resveratrol (red wine extract), Alpa Lipoic Acid, CoQ10, Tumeric and Ashwaganda top off this wonderful blend of super potent nutrients for the entire body.

Benefits include: improved Energy, reduced Stress, Immune System Support, calming Inflammation and helping the aging process. Stemming from the life-long research of my father, Harvey Burman-R.PH., and using his compounding and pharmaceutical influences, we created a formula unlike any other on the market.

Just one taste of Ultra Liquid Multivitamin will convince you that this is no watered down product! It’s a true blend of carefully selected nutrients that pack a powerful punch and will give you the results you deserve. 
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