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Hemp Flowers & Cigarettes

Hemp Cigarettes packed with CBD health effects are the hottest product on the CBD market right now. People love being able to smoke a cannabis flavored cigarette without getting the "high" from THC and the addiction of nicotine. This is a new product category and as such our suppliers have all kinds of problems with manufacturing and supply chains. Burman's is committed to bringing you the best hemp cigarettes so we are constantly identifying new brands and working to ensure a reliable supply that is always in-stock. CBD Flowers contain less than 0.03% THC.
Wild Hemp-ettes from $ 12.99 $ 1,500.00
Picasso's Select CBD Flowers & Buds from $ 20.00
Aspen Valley Hemp Flower $ 49.99 $ 59.99
EndoCure CBD Flowers from $ 25.00
Aspen Valley Hemp Cigarettes from $ 29.99 $ 335.00
Bhang GDP filtered cigarettes CBD $ 24.99 $ 29.99
Bhang CBD Kentucky Blue Sky Filtered cigarettes $ 24.99 $ 29.99
Wink Hempettes singles $ 4.49 $ 5.99
Cloud 1000 disposable CBD Vape $ 24.99
Natural CBD Ciggarettes $ 14.99


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