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Bhang CBD Durban Menthol filtered cigarettes

Durban Menthol Straights Hemp Cigarettes are loaded with 25mg of CBD per cigarette. Each of the 20 sticks per pack is stuffed with Kentucky grown Cannabis Sativa strain hemp with ERB terpenes that give them a mint, earthy and uplifting flavor. These tobacco-free, nicotine-free CBD rich cigarettes are a great alternative to traditional smokes. 

  • 20 sticks per pack
  • Hemp
  • 25 mg 
  • Terpenes from ERB (Durban Poison Sativa Strain)

  • Mint, Earth
  • Cannabis

Mouth Feel
  • Cool
  • Uplifting

Please try them and let us know why you like this new brand of hemp cigarette from Burman's.

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