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Tropical Kratom

GREEN BALI  kratom strains grow in Southeast Asia and have been used there for generations because of their uplifting properties. The “green” refers not to the color of the powder, but to the color of the veins within the leaf.

We all need a pick-me up from time to time. Using green-veined kratom strains during aromatherapy sessions is particularly useful when you are feeling depressed or just need to lift your mood.

All of our green-veined kratom strains are sourced from only mature trees and harvested by the indigenous tribes of Indonesia, Thailand, and surrounding areas. These tribes have generations of experience harvesting only from ripe trees

WHITE MAENG DAwhite maeng da is generally recognized as a more stimulating strain of kratom which can be useful for those suffering from lethargy ,fatigue ,stress or even just a poor nights rest due to pain and or anxiety  keeping you awake at night. it provides a non jittery clean energy perfect for work or as a natural preworkout to help crush your 2019 new years resolutions (you didn't give up yet did ya !) besides the energy aspect it still provides a great deal of pain relief and a good sense of well being and euphoria 

RED VEIN : the red strains of kratom are better known for the calming effect it can have on the mind and body ,anecdotal evidence from our customers shows time after time red is the most popular choice for neuropathy as it calms the over firing of nerve endings, red vein kratom is also very useful for those suffering with anxiety issues due to panic attack ,general anxiety disorder , ptsd , or detoxing from prescription drugs such as benzodiazepines or opiates . it can provide a good nights rest or provide a great deal of tranquility and mood boosting effects 

all strains of kratom can be useful but we must remember we are all unique individuals that respond differently to different stimuli ,pain and anxiety are very subjective issues and not everyone experiences the same type or degree of these ailments if this is your first time trying kratom we recommend trying our varietypackand see which is your favorite or like a lot of our customers do is they use specific strains at certain times 

example: tom suffers from lower back pain but also works a physically demanding job so during the day he takes the white maeng da to fuel his day and provide the pain relief he needs ,after tom gets home eats dinner takes his shower and kicks back on his recliner just as he starts to unwind.... his wife starts to nag at him and his kids are fighting and yelling as toms anxiety starts to shoot the roof he heads to the kitchen and mixes up some red vein powder in orange juice and 10 minutes later hes as calm as can be ;)







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